Lessons of the greats lyrics

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Cold Wind - Lessons of the greats lyrics

Moses came and knocked on my door
Parted the tomato soup like it aint been done before
Sat back in the chair he was in
Said I

I asked him to give me some insight
He said that the insight was inside of me
Its not always what others say
Sometime you just gotta leave them be

Well I
Mr. Shakespeare showed the way
He told me that I should gather my thoughts
But don

I arrived on the doorstep of father time himself
He welcomed me into his realm
He said I
And he said this time perhaps, time cant tell

Well I met Mr. Kennedy himself
He told me to sit down with him
He said Happy Birthday aint the song for me
make sure your mistress is nice and slim

I always wondered what king Arthur would say
If I told him that chivalry was dead
He said it never existed back in the past
Back then it just got women into bed

To know what Jerry Garcia had to say
Now that has always been a desire
He said son don
Always smile, and you wont ever get higher

I guess its true then what they all say
Nobody will know for sure
But if you here me knocking loud