Count It Up lyrics

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The Real Is Back - Count It Up lyrics

Yeah count it up

You already know the deal
You niggas know what I dealt, let just be for real
and while you at it young you just keep your artist still
and peel the rap off the blocks like a banana peel
Tell me can ya see the flake, one glance of that glitter make ya wanna shake
Adrenaline, rushing blood flowing through your veins
when you close your eyes at night do you be seeing things
'cause nigga I was seeing things
At least a hundred at a time, and that's on everything
Magic city one-twelve, let me reminisce
A nigga must-a miss something how did it come to this
You got niggas runnin' round like they run the town
Dope game, game over, jizzle's on the map
Now watch me cock it right back and hit a home run
Enough bricks at one time to build a home, son.

They like god damn young, boy, you on one
everybody talkin' bricks but they don't own none
What ya niggas know about counting millions
The only place there ain't money is on the ceilin'

Now count it up, count it up, count it up, count it up
Take it all out your pocket, count it up, count it up
Now count it up, count it up, count it up, count it up
Pull it all out your pocket count it up, count it up

I'm goin' in, fuck it, I'm goin' in
I was just about to check up the top let's begin,