Choppa N Da Paint lyrics

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1,000 Grams - Choppa N Da Paint lyrics

20 g's put a choppa n da paint nigga, smoking stanky nigga you know what the fuck im dranking nigga
Bitch im high everyday thats what the fuck i say, Broad day AK until its emptyy, See Jeezy thats my motherfucking dog, its motherfuck him and its motherfuck yall
That boy jeezle one real ass nigga, say what the fuck they want bitch and steal that nigga

Extendoo! thats how the clips be, all stacked up pretty thats how the bricks be, man i squeeze this motherfucka till its empty, fuck around and cook your whole shitt RICE CRISPIES
certified aint a pussy nigga realer, as far as im concerned ima pussy nigga killa
And you already know nigga im dying about mine, and i really mean that, and I aint lying about mine
50 g's just to bulletproof the lambo, one hundred in case these niggas wanna campo
See jeezy get the strap and think he rambo, choppa with a short strap and


You want a half pack i got the whole thang, lets say you gimme 28 i keep the whole the thang
Nothing said getting money like some cocaine, shoot at the gas tank watch it blow up like some propane, BOOM!
Man this rap shit remind me of the dope game, the only thing none of yall sold cocaine
the only thing none of yall sold kilos, the only thing none of yall sold half o's