Sing Along With Santa lyrics

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Christmas With The New Christy Minstrels:Complete! - Sing Along With Santa lyrics

La la la
Sing a happy Christmas song
La lala la la la
It’s fun to sing along
Ladies, gents, and little girls
And boys and everyone
Sing along with Santa and we’ll have lots of fun

Now all you kiddies and grown ups
And do just like you should
And help old ladies cross the street
In your neighborhood
Crying dolls and roller skates
And other fancy toys
That’s’ what good ol’ Santa brings
To good little girls and boys

Repeat Chorus

You ladies get new dresses
And stockings and perfume
And pots of flowers dipped in wax
That always stay in bloom
So ladies treat your husbands right
And do the best you can
And if you have no husband
Ask ol’ Santa for a man

Repeat Chorus

Now gents in case you’re thinking
That ol’ Santa’s passed you by
Just look at the pretty scenery on this real hand painted tie
A kerchief and a bumber shoe
And other fancy things
And then you get to pay the bills
For all that Santa brings

Repeat Chorus