Ride In Peace lyrics

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Anthology: The First 30 Years [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] - Ride In Peace lyrics

Ride in peace my friend
Ride in peace
For now all your troubles have finally come to an end
Even though we miss you so
That's the one thing that makes us go
Is to know we'll ride in peace again, my friend

So gallop through every sunset
But slow down long enough to watch it rise
Fulfill your wildest dreams
And whatever might cross your mind
And now may all your journeys all have a happy, happy end
Cause one day we'll ride in peace again, my friend

May the moonbeams be your highway
Let the sun be your guiding light
The stars, they are your road maps
As you journey through the night
And may the comet be something
Your dreams would simply like to chase
Through your new land, your new world, your new place

So ride in peace my friend
Go and ride in peace
For now you hold the key
To unlock any door
And even though you're gone
That's what keep us drifting on
Is to know we'll ride in peace again once more