Better Man lyrics

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Singles, Soundtracks And The Unpublished - Better Man lyrics

Girl it seems like only yesterday
When we first hooked up
When I think of all we had back then
When I gave you all my trust

I knew you were the one for me
You came and made my life complete
Girl you took my heart promised that we'd never part
But it seems like things are different now,

You tell me that I've changed
I realize I didn't play my part,
Girl for that I'll take the blame
For all the things I put you through

Just let me make it up to you
Promise that you'll stay
Just don't walk away

'Coz I never meant to make you cry
All the things I did I apologize
What ever I did I swear I'll make it right
Just give me a chance
I swear I'll be a better man

Girl I know I messed up more than once
But I'm ready to change
All you gotta do is say the word we can start over again
'Coz nothin else means more to me

To be with you is all I need
Girl I realized what's important in my life
Can't you see I'm just not strong enough
To make it on my own