Rollright Stones lyrics

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unknown - Rollright Stones lyrics

Till i find out where will i go, where will i go?
I don't know, i don't know
I don't know where the spaces between my eyes
Open up to heavenly skies, death awaits with pearly gates
Those who've been mesmerized, many years have come and gone
Went to see the standing stones
Some in circle, some alone
Ancient, worn and weather torn
They chilled me to my very bone
Many of these can be seen in quiet places, fields of green
Of heathen lands with countless names
And the only thing that remains are the rollright stones
Space age before my eyes
Opening up the skies
Death awaits with pearly gates
For those who've been mesmerized
Many years have come and gone
But progress marches slowly on
Nature stains it has to stay
Cause everybody is going insane
The only the only thing that will sustain are the rollright stones.
Rollright stones, rollright stones
Went to see an ancient mount
People buried underground
Come or go we'll never know
What it was like to hear that sound
Black crow i know you've been here
You've seen the sights of yesteryear
You steal the grain, i can't complain
And the only thing that remains are the rollright stones.