Far From Home lyrics

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I can't afford to take a rest, i'm heading out towards the sun
And find the place where i once saw a new life starting
It's not so far to get there, it's waiting up around the bend
Don't know if i'll be back again

Through the night i'm flying, moving like a raven
To the night unfolding i call your name
To the night i whisper, to the night i pray
Through the night i'm racing
Far from home

I've always tried to do my best, i never cheated anyone
Not like the place where they once turned the wine into water
Running from all pretensions, nothing blocking up my view
No more feeling black and blue

'cause tonight i'm not a lonely man, yes tonight, oh tonight
Keep holding on to false directions, they'll never set you free
You got to stop the world and let it be, then maybe you will see