Arizona Blues lyrics

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Introducing Spencer Day - Arizona Blues lyrics

Let’s take a ride
I don’t care where we’re going to
Let’s just drive until we can lose
These Arizona blues

Just close your eyes
When the stars fill the western skies
I will sing you a lullaby
Arizona blues

The moonlight shines through the power lines
We’ll be safe from harm
And the peace of mind
That you long to find
Will be here in my arms

A dusty dashboard shade
Hawaiian dancer slowly sways
AM radio softly plays
My Arizona blues
Arizona blues

Morning trains and 18 wheelers
Sing a symphony
Passing car sound like steel guitars
As we glean across that

Long, long lonely road
And I know its an old cliché
But I’m singing it all the way
Until I can find a way to lose
These Arizona blues
Arizona blues

Till I can lose
My Arizona blues
My Arizona blues