Stadium Arcadium lyrics

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Bells around St. Petersburg
When I saw you

I hope I get what you deserve
And this it is where I find

Smoke surrounds your perfect face
And I

Pushing a broom out into space
And this is where I find a way

The stadium arcadium
A mirror to the moon
State of the art
Until the clouds come crashing

Stranger things have happened
Both before and after noon
Pushing myself
And no I don

Alone inside my forest room
And it

I never thought I
And it

I never thought I
But this is where I start

Derelict days and there stereo plays
For the all night crowd
That is cannot phase
And I

Tedious weeds that the media breeds
But the animal gets what the animal needs
And I

And this is where I find

Rays of dust that wrap around
Your citizen

Kind enough to disavow
And this is where I stand