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You're a single mom with three kids and just as many jobs your candle burns at both ends but you can't make it stop Your a farmer on a John Deer honest work for little play now throw that thing in park it's time to play

Like it's midnight in Vegas Mardi Gras in New Orleans New Years Eve in New York City you know what I mean it's like lovers in Paris sunset strip in L.A. doesn't matter where you are well it's alright it's alright to play

Oh yes it is
Where there ain't no drugs or doctors who can get you what you need I've got the magic potion and it doesn't cost a thing yeah you've seen some hard times life just works out that way when your smack dab in the middle you gotta play


Hey Hey
Like a kiss in the moonlight barefoot walks on the beach like sipping Champaine straight from a bottle you know what I mean