Death Comes To Town lyrics

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unknown - Death Comes To Town lyrics

Ah ah ah ah ah... / Tonight's the night / Open your door and I'll come inside / Don't be
afraid, it willbe alright / I will change your whole life tonight / and you're so
beautiful / too beautiful for this dead-end world / I'm taking you to a better place / oh,
far away from this stupid race, oh / Come with me / for ever / and ever / please come with
me / for ever / No, don't let me down / oh, don't make me cry / Lie in my arms / and be
mine tonight / Do it / Oh, did I tell you / that there was no need to be afraid? / Oh,
you've got such a beautiful body / Oh, you'll make such a beautiful body / I smoke these
yellow-lit cul-de-sacs at night / You hear my foot-step on your bedroom stair / and I will
take the first one in every house in town / I'll take your sisters and I'll lay them down
/ I'll lay them down / Tonight! / Mother (mother) / Father (father) / Brother (brother) /
Take them all a- / Ba ba ba ba... / Make you mine / I want your body / Mother (mother) /
Father (father) / Brother (brother) / The wind (the wind) / Streets (streets) / Those
girls (girls) / I walked into town (town) (town).