Don't Know What To Say lyrics

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You don’t know what to say
You don’t know what to do
When life delivers this
The right words don’t exist
The fault is not with you

Now everybody’s come
My loved ones file by
I stand here feeling numb
While family and friends
Hug me as they cry

There is no language for this loss
Grief is a bridge that can’t be crossed
Until you’ve felt someone you love slipping away
You don’t know what to say

So much time has passed
For me it’s standing still
And way too soon they’ll ask
That I stop looking back
I hope someday I will

Thanks for being here
And listening to me
And letting me be sad
And letting me be mad
Just letting me be

Repeat Chorus

Just know that it’s okay
Love’s the only way
When you don’t know what to say