Please Don't Break My Heart lyrics

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Keep On - Please Don't Break My Heart lyrics

(rodney jerkins, japhe tejeda, fred jerkins iii, lashawn daniels)

Girl please, girl please, don't break my heart

Please don't break my heart
'cause i can't see you without me, i need you girl
Please don't break my heart
'cause without you there is no me, girl can't you see

When i think of how it would be, without you here with me
My life could not go on
Unhappy days, so much pain, so much rain
All my sunshine would be gone


I promise i will bring you happy melodies all through the days
Nothing will go wrong
Girl, i'll please you everyday
I'll make sure that we'll go on and on


I can't control this love i have inside for you
I can't ignore this feeling that i feel
'cause you're the one that keeps
My heart safe and warm
You're the reason that i keep going on