Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life) - Reena Bhardwaj lyrics

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Human - Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life) - Reena Bhardwaj lyrics

I have lived life until now to the height of enjoyment
My physical body accompanied by a conscious mind
Endless desires swirl outside of me
HE is also taking me along his cosmic path giving me experience of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling
I feel content while sleeping, crying, laughing, eating and drinking
Day and night I think that there must be some purpose to this life
I have come to understand joy and sorrow due to lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego
I have started to think about what is the characteristic wont of life and about what is the uncharacteristic wont of life,
about what is benevolent use of mind and words and what is harmful use of mind and words
and about what is sin and what is virtue
Thus no more desire or expectation for past, present or future remains with me
My mind has gone beyond past, present and future and beyond the rational intellect of imagination
I see that I am beyond birth and death and am enjoying mind in a state of samadhi