Man in a Mousetrap lyrics

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Sheet music - Man in a Mousetrap lyrics

Man in a Mousetrap

Words and music by Jameson "Nick" Hathaway

Man in the metropolis
Radio city
in the television age
Swizzle sticks and girders
A girdered cage!
Every woman feathered
Prematurely weathered
All the men untethered
Many of them leathered
Man and woman and man and bird and cat and mouse
In the metropolis

Man in mid-town
Man in the marketplace
Man in a magazine
Man in the metropolis
Man in a mousetrap

Walls of glass and granite grow in rows up from the ground of tar and shit and they rise towering and flowering as man and woman far below run left and right and make another right
and then two lefts and crash against the walls of mortar and mortality and at the end as if in reckoning comes the scent of silk and dollars beckoning...
like cheese


O, how can you scream
when the spring goes snap?
Everybody knows that
it's a trap