Choo Choo Mama lyrics

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Sheet music - Choo Choo Mama lyrics

Choo-Choo Mama

Music by C. K. Dexter Haven
Words by Jameson "Nick" Hathaway

Come meet me, mama,
at the railroad hub
I've got a ticket
and it isn't a stub
So, yank that chord
and go woo-woo, too
Oh -- woo-woo me
and I can woo-woo you

Choo-choo mama
Never turning back
She's a sleeper
If you keep her
On the track

Mahwah to Saginaw
to Syracuse
You take the engine
and I'll grab the caboose
Oh, mind those curves
and don't skip a stop
'Cause a choo-choo mama
needs a choo-choo pop

Choo-choo mama
Engine never fails
She'll be mine
Or I'll go flyin'
Off the rails