Glorious lyrics

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In the Hands of God - Glorious lyrics

And if I sing out in the dark of night,
Or praise you in the light of dawn,
Hear my song and lift me on your wings.
And if I worship you in solitude,
Or join a chior ten-thousand strong,
Hear my song till all creation sings.

Glorious. Shining so Glorious.
Though I stumble though I fall,
You remain glorious.
toward Your light, I come runnin' I come runnin'
Into Your arms, I come runnin' I come runnin'

You have searched me you have known my heart,
You've heard my every anxious thought,
Hear my song, it's all I have to bring.
And thought the battles come, this much is known,
The victry's won by You alone.
Hear my song, my Savior and my King.


Every faithless mission, every false ambition,
Here I lay them at your feet.
As in heaven as on earth
I will ever sing your worth,
You alone make me complete.

Chorus 2x