One Shot lyrics

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Born Again - One Shot lyrics

All around the world
Every boy, every girl's got one shot
Believers, let me hear you shout
Hey, hey

You could find me living in the city of D.C.
Found my freedom in the rhythm of the back beat
Got placed to love inside
That I could not control

Beside me, had a brother saying I could sing like Nat King
But all I wanted was to do the rock thing
To roll through every town
And spread His love around

Just a little while then I found

All around the world, every boy, every girl's
Got one shot to prove what they're all about
I'm gonna sing about my God and it doesn't matter what's hot
Believers, let me hear you shout

We say there's one way
When push comes to shove we're gonna sing of His love

Things change just like the Twitter that you update
Or your Facebook status on your front page
But there's no comment you can leave to change my mind

Maybe you're a student at the college of the Ivy
Or filling up a pop machine with Hi-C
Anywhere you might be you can help the world see
What His love's about