Hell fire lyrics

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Not Afraid to Stand Alone - Hell fire lyrics

What got me to this point,
why am I not suprised.
No need for rewind, my life
flashes right before my eyes,

I wasn't unlike the most, and
specifically speaking.
Grew up Muslim in public schol,
Islamic school on the weekend,

Once in a while made it to
Jummah maybe not even that,
As far as Islam is concerned it
really wasn't where my head was

But it was cool if I made
grades on the home front,
A 4.0 my parents bought
me anything I want,

The ''fly-est'' gear to help
me cop them digits,
then maybe when I am 30
I'll become religious.

But late came, my
disposition stayed the same,
Live your life one way too long
it's not easy to change.

I refrained fromthe things
that was said to help me gain.
And indulge in the things that
I should of obstained.

Mixed up, caught up, going out
of my brain.
I guess it's about the time, I ran
into ''Mary Jane'' (Marijuana).

Inhalations in my brath, got
my mind to thinking less, oh yes,
And in this state the
Angel og death,
And then came the time
for Alah to resurrect,
My soul from the clutches
of a six foot depth.

I find myself surrounded
by the company I kept.
Realizing full well this
the day of regret.
And over the horizon, slowly
it crept,
Anticipation thoughts racing
and I'm losing my breath.
And with all my might me
right arm I strech,
Imagine my reaction, I
caught my book in my left.


Save me from the, Hell fire,
Hell fire, Hell fire. [x2]

Everbody will come to the hour.
When we stand all alone in horror.

And we hope that our
deeds will help us through.
Only one we can blame is ourselves.

We were blessed with our youth and our healt.
And we wonder why our deeds are few.
Everybody gets a wake upp call,
take the warning before the nightfall.

Use the time right now for making prayer.
And on the day when there is no shelter.
the good deeds are your only helpers.
You''ll be proud when you see that they are there.


I'm looking back now at my life
on the earth.
Been thinking about my deeds and what everything was worth.

Like the time I was listning to a speech about Hell,
it really made me scared, (be)cause he broke it down well,
never you forget about those angels undercover ot the..
Day when your good deeds are weighed against the others.

Bad deeds brought together, then you discover
tour good deeds are just feathers, you start to shudder.
Then the angels come nasty, ugly as ever,
grab you by the forehead, and start to make you a suffer.

Hot, boiling water, burning fire forever,
waiting for a pause in the pain, but it be never.
As I rode to my school, I told myself there ain't no way I'm gonna be a fool,
and forget Allah's rules.

Eyes on the prize, gonna stay wise.
As I go to class, socialice with the guys.
But whoa, look at the time, the next prayer's in,
I'm here chillin' - they'll start staring.
Slip to the bathroom, find an empty classroom,
Don't wanna miss a paryer here
at school or even at home.

Man, it was a stugle. trying to be a Muslim and staying out of trouble.
The stress seemed double,
Even watching TV, I have patrol,
Hans on the remote control,
just save my soul.
But deep in my heart, yo, I knew it.
I really could really do it, if I pushed myself through it,

Living all my youth with Islam,
see it only grew me stronger.
Withholding temptations for longer and longer,
But now it pays off, it the fire stays off,
be chilling for eternity forever days off.

Got my book in right and my fate is looking well,
they put stuggles of my youth
on the good sude of my scale.
With the mercy of Allah, I won't fail, (be)-cause truly
not a momment, not moment did I want in Hell.

Not a moment [x2] would I want in hell.