Street Symphony lyrics

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The Boy Is Mine - Street Symphony lyrics

Verse 1:
There's something that i want to say
I feel a little out of place
But i need you to make that change
You promised to keep me out of the rain
I love the cars and everything,
The diamond rings but i loved you much more, baby

You said, that you were gonna stop when you
Had enough, do what you had to do
Now you, like the profession you've made it for yourself
You said, you cared about me and you
Now all, you wanna do is hustle you
Gotta choose, whatcha gone do when i'm not worth it to you baby

Never thought i
Somebody that i love so much
If i can get him out of the streets
Then he could come back to me
Now i see that there ain't no us
Baby to me that's a definite plus
If i can't get you out of the streets
Then you don't need to be with me

Verse 2:
Do you love me like you say
Maybe you could get away
From the life of doin' the wrong things
You promised
Don't make me read about it babe
Think of me before i
Cause when i'm gone, it will be to late



Instrumental break


Visit the streets or me
The job has taken over pain
I know i've got to leave
Cause you weren