Out Of Time lyrics

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So, you're hungry for a taste of the other side Where the grass is thick and green But your feet are on familiar ground Frozen and afraid of what you might lack Oh, if that's all that's holding you back

Come on, step out of time Fall out of line Leave a mark they can't erase Find your heart and lose your mind Watch the journey unwind And let it be a new day Out of time

How's your story gonna read When they call your name And it's all there in black and white? Will you follow? Or will you lead? Will you quietly disappear Or is this whole world gonna know That you were here?

It's time to be free It's time just to live what you believe What you gonna do with the life you're living? What you gonna make of the time you're given? When you are free, you have been forgiven Now come on and step out of time

Once you go you're gone forever Don't you know it's now or never But I can feel a change in weather Now come on and step out of time