I Know You're There lyrics

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History - I Know You're There lyrics

I think I'm over-thinking this whole thing about believing in something I cannot see 'Cause when I think about it I think there's no doubt about it I do it every single day It's just like the air No one knows where it comes or where it goes But when I breathe in I believe again and again

So, if the whole wide world says You're not there Well, I still know You're there And even if they call me crazy, I don't care I still know You're there And if they say there's no such thing as heaven or a God who waits for me I just point to the air And I know You're there

I had a science teacher Who tried to make me a believer That evolution made the earth But I can't give a big bang credit for this whole thing Life is too beautiful for that to be true It's just like a child A new born baby, there are no two the same tiny toes, finger prints And with that thought I rest my case

When a nation cries When a loved one dies When we wonder why I still know you're there When the nights are long In a world gone wrong There's still a feeling so strong That tells me you're there You're so undeniable You're so unconfinable And your love is so reliable And it tells me you're there