My Wool Is Superb lyrics

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My wool is superb you may not have heard,
It's amazing, amazing.
The colour is fine, it looks so divine,
When I'm out on the hillside just grazing.
I'm not one to gloat or mention my coat,
I'm ever so humble you see.
And deep down inside I just know you have cried
simply longing to be like me. x2

For I could be a rug very warm and snug. Maybe
Or I could be a vest, hanging on best people in town
Or I could be frock or a wooly sock . Maybe
Or I could bring great warmth to a king.

My wool is superb and now you have heard,
The wonderful things it could be.
So don't try to hide those feelings inside
admit that the best is me.
Admit that the best one is me