Warlord lyrics

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Into Glory Ride - Warlord lyrics

When you see me comin' flying down the road
You know i ain't afraid to lay it down
Yea got me some leather. leather is my skin
Black n chrome flashin' through the town.
Some call me the warlord 'cause i'm a god-damn
Bad machine, young n hungry, not too proud n mean

Ride, ride, ride, i'm the warlord of the road,
Riding, riding, riding, ain't never growin old.

Take what i want and i go where i please
Got the world right by the balls. this world ain't
Big enough to keep me down. yea we're livin'
In a sick world. the man on the t.v. said we
Got lotsa trouble overseas, well what the hell
Do i care? think they care about me?
Stop sending money send em all a bomb.

Ride, ride, ride, i'm the warlord of the road,
Ridin, ridin, ridin, ain't never growin old.

Born to live in the fast lane on a chopped up
Harley-d, smell that oil and high test gasoline.
Never got a shortage of girls to share my seat.
Well they all want to know what people say is true,
You know, get a biker started n he'll drive all
Damn night. well hold on honey cause this ride's
For a ride.

Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride
I'm the warlord of the road.
Riding, ridin, ridin, ain't never growin old.