Stop Snitchin' lyrics

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Ronald Dregan For President - "Dreganomics" - Stop Snitchin' lyrics

Verse 1 Mac Dre
Man dude fuckin around you niggas keep on you gon be duckin some rounds i'm rushin the mound the bitch hit me with a pitch
He a snitch and he walk with a slitch, he in a band that sing for the cops him and his mans is cleanin up shop, undercover concert promoter
Ricky Schroder tryna turn somebody over, put that E.T. finger up ya stoolie don't tattle tale the number one rulie you the jumpa the boys the people who slipped into the game sellin toys
to people i void the people don't ask me shit the only law i break is in public grit my mouth be zipped i plead the fifth niggas like you get pushed off a cliff
Course x3
Don't Ask Me Shit, I don't tell mein you can send me to jail mein

Verse 2 DiGGS
I'm on to ya boy you used to be the man till i caust you in the court room sittin on the stand got to wavin ya hands pointin ya finger holdin the mike like some type of rap singer
i seen ya you told and now ya gotta live wit it they gonna snitch and probly say diggs did it