When I die lyrics

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Split - When I die lyrics

If you walked in now I wouldn't start I wouldn't frown
And if you just appeared I woudn't cry or think it weird
'Cause you are still around
You're in the air, you're in the ground
And you can't go away I am afraid you're here to stay
Friends don't understand
They close the door, they raise their hands
She says she heard your voice
Of course she does, she has no choice I was hours ahead
When they removed you from your bed
They drank all the while
Until you said goodbye
Why are we sitting here in ourselves?
I don't look up, I don't look down I look ahead and me no sound
My love was there, I only stare Healty in my dreams
Is what you are, is what is seems
Whas does it all mean?
You're only hiding behind a screen
Curse the English day
For what it forces us to say
Banish all the pain
'Cause when I die, die I'll see you again