The Moon And I lyrics

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Woman Overboard - The Moon And I lyrics


Just as the moon must have the sun
And cannot shine without him
So I, to live, must have a love
So strong I cannot doubt him
If he is whole with heart and soul,
I'll follow him wherever
If he is pure, then I'm secure
And we'll be one forever

I do not want a saint
I want a man
With thoughts of love at will
As woman can
And such a wonder love until I die
We really need the sun
The moon and I
We really need the sun
The moon, the moon and I...

Ahhhhhhhh, oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh

Just as the sun must shine by day
In splendid isolation
So is the moon alone at night
An only invitation
I wonder why the poets try
To like and love and heaven
When love on earth has so much worth
For those to who is given

For you, I am a part
Of love's desire
And I can feel your heart
Beat close to mine
We harmonize with land and sea and sky
We sing beneath the stars
My love and I
While stars has made us wide
The moon and I
Oh, oh...