What I Learned from the Streets lyrics

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Incarcerated - What I Learned from the Streets lyrics

[lil boosie]
Ok this what i learned from the streets
handle your beef
your playing with keys
sleep with your heat
your a role model lil podna gotta be me
all hoes aint sweet, they messy
everything happens for a reason but they all blessings
if u stressed then pick ur head up, nigga,
get your bread up, nigga,
if ur scared, scared niggas get they head bust
i make u catch a heart attack, it started hatch
just left downtown i got my 40 back
a situation started, nigga im never smiling
beast mode until they take me, got that from Ivey
any nigga who watch u up and down want something you got
why my enemies iffing me got that from pop
if i flop then its back to selling blocks
back to telling niggas they cant hustle in my spot, off the top
my daddy raised me to hate a cop
so all my motherfuckin life, i hated cops
captn' rich told me niggas change when u give them blocks
nigga told me when i ride better keep it cocked

this what i learned from the streets
keep it real lil nigga
keep your steel lil nigga
fuck these hoes lil nigga
forgot ur roles lil nigga
this what i learned from the streets
watch ur back lil nigga
keep it strapped lil nigga
you lil hatch lil nigga
a real gutter nigga and ur nuts a lil bigga

[lil boosie verse 2]
people rose around me
money is money so concentrate when u count it
every nigga who bounce aint no gangsta ass nigga