Do It Again lyrics

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Incarcerated - Do It Again lyrics

Lil boosie bad ass and I wanna know if you a do it again baby girl, you know what I'm talkin bout, if you a press rewind if I ain't have shit, make a nigga wonder sometime fa real (ohhh oooohh do it againnnn, do it againnn)

[Verse 1:]
Now if I ain't have shit would she still love, a nigga hair all nappy underarms musty, if I wasn't boosie bad ass would she still fuck me, tell the truth would me n you ever had an discussion, would you do it again, get away from all your friends, would you still be happy if I ain't have no bens sometimes I ask myself, would she forgive me for them other kids I had on her long night on the corner all the nights I jumped on her, chill mama but mama just a little girl, I'm 17 she 15 we having a little girl, she keep it guttah gotta give her dat, she say she tired but if she tired tell me why she ain't leave yet, never had a job over a week I really spoiled her when we go eat she beyonce and I'm sean carter, if I worked at burger king and approached you smelling like onion rings would she do half the things she done to me

If I could'ntgive you the finer thangs, the money and the whips and the diamond rings
Would you do it again
I wanna know, I wanna know
Would you do it again
I wanna know I wanna know
And if I didn't have my baller status
And if you didn't have the 7 [?]
Would you do it again
I wanna know I wanna know