Calling Me lyrics

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Incarcerated - Calling Me lyrics

yu ever had a piece of pussi mane , et be on yur mind like money ?
(yo like forreal doe] like money ??
Good joule Good joule. hahaha
fosho fosho / pussi 7x's


tht pussy keep callin me (callin me)
damn! get me in trouble
tht pussy keep callin me come here boosie
(callin me)come here boosie (callin me] get me in trouble...


yu ever had a piece pussi so good and tight et yu hear dat pussi tawkin at night (cum hur)
lingerie drive yu crazy wen she put it on safe sex bt sometimes i hate to put it on
make me moan grab my bac and pull me deeper in ha she catch 3 i catch 2 nw im sleepin in ha
ms. virgina take her time wen she hit dat head she pull her long hair bac and sit between my legs
blow ya mind wen yu got a dime who rub ya nuts wen ya fuc her from behind (I ant lyin) sumn
special bout her got me sneakin out da house like a fuccn mouse .& det pussi so wet for me she my
ecstasy (crazy] pussi damn near betta den ya ol lady i prolly need to stop answerin da phone fuccn
her a fuc around and have my family gone she get me rite wen we fuc (wen we fuc) yeaaaaah!
she put ice on my nuts (wen we fucc) yeaaaaaah gt me txtin & shid i ant neva txtd before. gt me
eatin et pussy i ant neva ate before