I'm Sad About It (Bonus Track) lyrics

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Time & Place - I'm Sad About It (Bonus Track) lyrics

While laying in the bed last night
I had a dream that touched me deep down inside
Oh yes I did, oh
I feel like I wanna tell the whole world about it
I dreamed that she was gone
And I'm sad about it
Do you know i'm so sad about it

She robbed me of all my pride
ohh im sad bout it

i remember long time ago
All my friends try to tell me
it's was wrong, what she was do it
but i just wouldn't listen
'couse i was blinded by love
my momma told me:"one day Son,
you gonna believe somebody,
when they try to tell things
4 your own good"
so when i saw you that day,
you wouldn't love my best friend,
you promised me
you'll be with me till the end
...and it hurt me soo bad