Return To Waterloo lyrics

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unknown - Return To Waterloo lyrics

Look at all the people around me,
Same old faces joining the queue.
For return to waterloo,
Return to waterloo.

Started off this morning as usual,
Checkin' out the mail and all the bills to pay.
Maybe something special's gonna happen,
Maybe this is my lucky day.

The forecast says heavy weather,
So take your umbrella just in case.
Will i get away, will i see it through,
On the return to waterloo.

Return to waterloo.
Return to waterloo.

Somehow you feel that the world's been passin' you by.
Can't help thinkin' somehow they're living a lie.
Now i'm asking questions, i never thought i'd ask them before,
Like "why" or "how" or "what am i doing it for?"

Will i reach my destination,
Or will i get off along the way?
Will i reach my destination?

Will i reach my destination,
Have i stopped or am i only going slow?
Have we got a couple more stations,
Or is this as far as we all go?

The headlines cry out from the papers,
"inflation," "murder," "wars," who really wants to know?
If i return to waterloo,
It'll cost me more in 1992.

Will i get away,
Will i see it through?
And come back home to you,
On the return to waterloo.