Flash's Confession lyrics

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unknown - Flash's Confession lyrics

And i wish i could erase.
I was standing on the street with a whole crowd of people
And no one knew my name.
And i was just another face
No one looked at me or touched me
Spoke to or acknowledged me.
I had no identity or individuality
No thoughts of my own, no mind or personality.
I was just a no one, a total nonentity
It is time for confessing it all,
Yes, it
Been a cheat, been a crook,
Never gave i always took.
Crushed people to acquire
Anything that i desired.
Been deceitful and a liar
Now i
I can
For confessing all the evil
And the wrong that i
The reckoning
And now i
I confess to the timid and the meek
To the cripples and the beggars
And the tramps in the street.
I confess my cruelty, my ego and conceit,
And i
I confess for the thieves,
The affected and deranged,
I confess for the muggers and incurably insane,
I confess to the ugly for being vain,
I confess to those i hurt for causing them pain.
Waiting to be called
And it
And i
And it is time for confessing it all,
Yes, it
Yes, it