Big Box-Mart lyrics

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Political - Big Box-Mart lyrics

(To the tune of "Oh, Suzannah")

[Chinese gong]
Oh, it starts with sweatshop labor in a foreign factory
And gets packed on a vessel and shipped over the sea
It's loaded onto trailers and it's spread across the map
Big Box-Mart is the place I go to buy all of my crap

Oh Big Box-Mart, what do you have for me?
'Cause our shopping carts are empty and we're on a shopping spree

I come to the Big Box-Mart 'cause I do have lots of needs
And they sell crap the cheapest with their discounts guaranteed
When I'm walking through the aisles it's like I'm hypnotized
With a wallet full of credit cards, I never leave deprived

Oh Big Box-Mart, thank you for servin' me
'Cause my house is full of crap now and it used to be empty

The next day at the factory, the news was very grim
My job was being outsourced to the slums of East Beijing
Management was streamlining the companies' org. chart
We gotta make crap cheap enough to sell to Big Box-Mart!

Oh Big Box-Mart, look what you've done to me:
He's gotta start all over at the age of fifty-three

I still go to Big Box-Mart, yes I'm there most all the time
These days you'll likely find me sweeping aisle number nine
My dreams of our retirement have gone up in a blaze
And I'll be scrubbing toilets 'til they stick me in the grave

Oh Big Box-Mart, what have you sold to me?
We used to be your customers, now we're your employees

Oh Big Box-Mart, my paycheck reminds me:
Your everyday low prices have a price; they are-n't free

(Song ends, he pops out like Porky Pig)
Paper or plastic?