The Valentino Tango lyrics

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So Close + Let it Be Now - The Valentino Tango lyrics

Mr. Valentino
You’re quite a dancer
I’ve seen you tango
On the late late show
I have come here for some lessons
Cause you’re the kind of man that I’d really like to know

Mr. Valentino
You’re quite a lover
I’ve seen your movies
And you were very sheik
Help me breakout, I can’t seem to make out
Cause my bedroom eyes get crossed and my knees get weak

Teach me to tango, Valentino
I really don’t know where to start
Teach me to tango, Valentino
I want to learn the dance of love with all my heart

Mr. Valentino
You’re quite attractive
You woo the ladies
With your deep dark eyes
And in your movies you move right through me
And in your silent scenes I hear all the ladies sigh

Repeat Chorus

Mr. Valentino

Mr. Valentino
You’ve got quite a harem
Could you find time
For a girl like me
In the age of so much free love
Why do I find myself in the deepest poverty

Repeat Chorus