Let it Be Now lyrics

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So Close + Let it Be Now - Let it Be Now lyrics

Oh my love
It’s been a long lonely travel
It’s so damn good
To be with you again
Let me look at you
While I let me thoughts unravel
I’ve looked towards this day
Since I don’t know when
And it seems like a dream somehow
Seeing you now

Let me just touch you
Let it be now
Show me how much you
Can let it be now
Let me warm you inside
For as long as this moment allows
Let it be now

Don’t you know
I’ve been in so many places
My head just gets dizzy
Counting the scores
Of the countryside
And all the millions of faces
While all of the time
I was longing for yours
But it don’t seem to matter somehow
So let it be now

Let it be Heaven
Let it be now
Don’t keep me waiting
Just let it be now
Just be here with me love
And we’ll start it all over again
Never mind then

Repeat Chorus