Fallen Angel lyrics

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So Close + Let it Be Now - Fallen Angel lyrics

You’re home again
I’m glad you kept the key
Been waiting here
It seemed a million years to me
But hush now
I know you’re all cried out
It’s all right
Inside I had no doubt about
Your love for me
I can see behind the tears
I’m certain of the way we feel
And given time the hurt will heal

I need you
I think I always will
From time to time
You play around but I love you still
You try them all
At everybody’s beck and call
But maybe you’ll resist them all
When I tell you how I missed you

Oh darling
I’ll forgive you anything
You can’t help the things you do
The selfish guy got a hold on you
But darling
You got a fever in your soul
And laid away and the feeling’s gone
I’ll be here where you belong

You’re home again
So won’t you close the door
Stay here with me
And we’ll forget what’s gone before
Just hold me tight
Our love’s gonna make it right
Put shadows way beyond the cold
The worst is almost gone

Repeat Chorus