My Sweet Love Ain't Around lyrics

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unknown - My Sweet Love Ain't Around lyrics

Written and recorded by hank wiliams sr.

[c] listen to ---the rain a-fallin'
Can't you hear ---that lonesome sound [c7]
Oh, my [f] poor ---old heart is [c] breakin'
'cause my sweet ---love [g7] ain't a-[c] round.

Lord, i think ---i'll start to ramble
Got to leave ---this weary town
This old place ---is way too lonely
'cause my sweet ---love ain't around.

On that train ---tonight i'm leavin'
And don't ask me ---where i'm bound
I can't stay ---here any longer
'cause my sweet ---love ain't around.

(two additional verses not on record)
Mem-o-ries ---come back to haunt me
My dream house ---has done fell down
This old world ---is dark around me
'cause my sweet ---love ain't around.

Something tells ---me that i'm losing
'cause these weary ---blues i've found
Oh, my bab- ---y left this morning
Lord, my sweet ---love ain't around.