Get Into The Spirit lyrics

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Halford III: Winter Songs - Get Into The Spirit lyrics

When I look around me
And see what's going on
I think about the time we had
And where we all came from

Here comes the dream that's been waiting
The triumph we seek is so close it's so near
I love the chance we've been taking
The moment for us is right here

Get into the spirit
Reach up to the sky
Get into the spirit
Raise your spirit
Raise your spirit high

Together on this journey
We saw each other through
Side-by-side we realized
There's nothing we can't do

[Repeat bridge & chorus]

The miracle of life is full of mystery
It touches us with grace to man before
The miracle of life is now our sanctuary
Oh the promise of our dream is what will come

Together we'll make magic
And conquer all our fear
The bond we have is sacred
And lives year after year