The Future Is In Eggs lyrics

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??roses before sign??
This one pushed his weight
Through the chamber
Dogs barking, the sign flashing
Come one and all to the execution
Shot shot bang go
??clothing?? to films we
??die string to sadist??(i have no clue here)
And pirate's coffee
Computer ??the fat birds??
??loafing on bringlers??
Floating on a leg
Pissing from a keg
The future is in eggs, the future is in eggs
Smiling without ????
Choking out a grin
??splitting?? kids in cub scout suits
Are crushed by marching army boots
Their fearless leader on his back
??cut?? from a cocaine heart attack
You knew we had to go
It's an ordinary show
The movie of the year
Stars realistic beer
Billy says something
"i like what it does"
There's perfectly nothin'
To help you and me
It is my human machine
Incredible mileage
Effective and clean
It keeps me smiling, smiling, smiling...
All the coalition, its no nutrition