The Drinking Jim Crow lyrics

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Ahhhhhhh, i have emotional scars
Ahhhhhhh, i don't understand what your saying
Ahhhhhhh, it's an accomplice of mine (drowning in the commerce of life)
Feeeeling somethings going to blow
And watch where you go
I'm the drinking jim crow

Ahhhhhhh, did you know it a traditional game
Ahhhhhhh, and we market it as a (and got out every morning, i feel like)
Nasty little nation
Drinking from the fire in the well
Extracting all the venom from the snake

Be careful you know
I'm the drinking jim crow
May the best things be stolen (and the blessings bestowed)
And the costumes be clothes (we froze)
And the night an oasis (the master of races)
And the haunted faces (makes fun pointed faces)
And the killing of time
I'm the drinking jim crow
Better look where you go
Better look where you go