Slick As Snails lyrics

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Be drawn to what's wrong and believe everyone
Go ahead touch your nose & off you go up and run

And now comes yet another
The next dose of real freedom
I guess the wait is over
You sat here long enough
Your personal triumph is coming up

Piss away again throwing caution to the wind
Telling lies to friends

Be strong in your aim map your course and set sail
But know well life is quick and very slick
Slick as snails

I contemplate an ocean
At rest or still in motion
A testimonial quest
Gorilla of your dreams
And speedy exit schemes
In "quips for queens"

The imprint where you sat
Dig the ripples caused by that
I can ride them cut
Out into the sea where the others cannot be
You keep sliding out
Crafted, launched and steered
To where all systems are cleared
You'll be hiding out