Killing Me Softly With His Song (short Version Live) lyrics

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Bootleg Versions - Killing Me Softly With His Song (short Version Live) lyrics

embbaressed by the croud
I felt all flushed with fever

stranger to my eyes
and there he was this young boy
and listen for a while
and so I came to see him
I heard he had a style

I heared he sang a good song
with his words
with his words killing me softly
with his words telling my whole life
killing me softly
killing me softly with his words
singing my life with his words
strumming my pain with his fingers

I felt he found my letter
and read each out loud
I prayed that he would finish
but he just kept right on


Wooaaaaaaaaaahhhaahhhaahh woaoaoaoaoaaaooaaaaooaaa
nanallalalalala woa wawaaaooh laaa laa laaaa naaaaaaaaaaa



[lauryn - verse one] - (pras in parentheses)
Yo! yo! what?!
I heard he sang a good song, yeah!
Yo...i heard he had a style
And so, i came to see him and listen for awhile! (yo, yo, yo, yo...unh,unh)
What?! yo! yo! yo! yo! yo!...and there he was, this young bra!
(just a lil' kid chillin' on a...unh)
Ha-ha! stranger to my eyes! (c'mon, what?! unh, ahh!)

[chorus] - (wyclef & pras in parentheses) {pras in brackets}
Strummin' my pain with his fingers, yo! (one time!)
Singing my life with his words...two times! (two times!) {come on!}
Killing me softly with his song...killing me softly! {yo! unh-uh! unh-unh-
With his song, telling my whole life! {ha! unh, unh!}
With his words, killing me...softly! yo, yo...yo! yo! yo! yo!
{yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo, unh!}
With! (yo l-boogie!) (throw 'em off the bridge!) - wyclef


[chorus 1x]