Safe 'n Warm lyrics

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All 'bout Smoke 'n Mirrors - Safe 'n Warm lyrics

There's nothing for today
there's nothing for tonight
there's nothing more

there's nothing left to say
you left,you ran away
there's nothing else

there's nothing for tonight
we're not ready for this fight
but we could try again

i'm looking for a sign
i'm looking for a line
it was all so soft
when you were here and you were mine
and now i think i'm out of time
it won't be safe and warm...

i lost you to fast
and when i did all became a mess
i got full of fear
it was all so confusing here
i found i was alone,went out screaming
i love you so and then
oh then...i felt ashamed

it's like i lost my train
and i keep running to achieve it
'cause i really hope you can come back...