Sunday's Best lyrics

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Armed Forces - Sunday's Best lyrics

Times are tough for
English babies
Send the army and the navy
Beat up strangers who talk funny
Take their greasy foreign money
Skin shop, red leather, hot line
Be prepared for the
engaged sign
Bridal books, engagement rings
And other wicked little things

Standing in your socks and vest
Better get it off your chest
Every day is just like the rest
But Sunday's best

Stylish slacks to suit your pocket
Back supports and
picture lokcets
Sleepy towns and sleeper trains
To the dogs and down the drains
Major roads and ladies smalls
Hearts of oak and long
trunk calls
Continental interference
At death's door with
life insurance

Sunday's best, Sunday's finest
When your money's in the minus
And you suffer from
your shyness
You can listen to us whiners

Don't look now under the bed
An arm, a leg and a
severed head
Read about the private lives
The songs of praise, the
readers' wives
Listen to the decent people
Though you treat them
just like sheep
Put them all in boots and khaki
Blame it all upon the darkies

Sunday's Best