Movin' On lyrics

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Movin' On
Written by: L. Dimant, O. Goldstein, E. Weisefeld, E. Yamin

When I think about you, baby, I can't help it
I lose all my focus and I just can't stand it
I get so excited every time I hear your name
And you don't reciprocate, and it's a damned shame

Oh, see all I'm tryin' to do, girl, is
Is give you my time and you know
You better not move too slow 'cause I'm movin' on (baby)
I'll take the chance and roll the dice
I might miss out on the love of my life

'Cause you know as time moves on I won't always be around
And I'll be gone, and I won't always be down
'Cause I'm givin' it up to you, and you know this much is true
As time moves on, consider me gone, 'cause I'm movin' on

I know it sounds crazy but I just can't do this
It feels like we're wastin' time so I'll get to it
When I look into your eyes I can see right through you
And you don't feel the same way that I do


I'm tellin' you, you really missed out on a good thing for sure
As a matter of fact I'm glad I didn't walk through that door
I'm a better man for it, said I could learn from it or ignore it
You know I'd seen it all before, now your best friend's at my door
I'm movin' on, oh
(As time moves on) Said I'm movin' on, yeah
(As time moves on...)

[Repeat CHORUS]

I'm movin' on, baby
I'm movin' on, movin' on
I'll be gone, yes I will