It's All Been Said Before lyrics

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New Season - It's All Been Said Before lyrics

In your arms safe and warm
Leading me to the light
Never doing harm
Prisoner of love am I
Caught in a web of tenderness

Haunting me loving you more each day
Endlessly even your pain you bare
For a sign you care
But it’s never there

I’m a fool
Say no more
Cause it’s all been said before
In the mirror of my mind
Your reflections all I find
I’m a slave
At your door
Though it’s all been said before
And the saddest thing I do
I just keep on loving you

Candlelight in your eyes
You have the power to hypnotize
Hold back the hands of time
Don’t leave tomorrow at your feet

Haunting me only the strong survive
Easily I never see the lies
Hiding in your eyes
And it’s no surprise

Repeat Chorus