Anytime Sunshine lyrics

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On a winter's day in a small cafe I met her
When she turned and smile at me
I knew I had to stay

As the time went by and the winter's sky grew darker
It was hard to leave her there
When I heard her say

Time will not change me
Winter, rain or snow
Look at me, oh look at me
I'll be here so come on and love me

Anytime sunshine
I'll be here anytime that you want me
Anytime sunshine
Anytime you're near
You bring me sunshine
Every time you call
Anytime sunshine
Anytime at all

Now ever since that day to the small cafe I wander
Knowing she'll be waiting there
And begging me to stay

Now let the years go pass
In my mind should last forever
Still I feel her close to me
And I'll hear her say

Repeat Chorus

Anytime sunshine...
I'll be here anytime that you want me (Till fade)