Daddy Come And Get Me lyrics

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The Fairest Of Them All - Daddy Come And Get Me lyrics

(Dolly Parton/Dorothy Jo Hope)

In this mental institution, lookin' out through these iron bars
How could he put me in here, how could he go that far
Yes I need help but not this kind, he didn't love me from the start
But it's not my mind that's broken, it's my heart
Oh Daddy come and get me and take me home with you
I'm depending on you Daddy, there's nothing I can do
And you said that I could come to you if I ever was in need
But Daddy I can't come to you, you'll have to come to me

When he said he loved another, I was crazy with jealousy
That's 'cause I was crazy over him and I couldn't stand to set him free
And I couldn't stand to lose him and I cried and cried for days